Interviews & Videos

This is the video of my October 2020 lecture at Fairfield University for the Wall Award. I discuss the local history of the Gold Coast of Connecticut as it intersects with race and zoning, which is one of the topics in my current book project, What Divides Us.

This is a similar talk, but much shorter (around 15 minutes), a summary of 400 years of land and housing exclusion, done in cooperation with Fairfield Yabantu and the Fairfield Museum:

Here’s a video of one version of a “Writing Pain” workshop I’ve done a few times; this is with the U.S. Pain Foundation.

This terrified look is me being excited about something nonfiction-related during an interview with Doug Dangle on Writers Talk at the Ohio State University’s Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing in October, 2010The audio of this interview is also available.

Other Video

A panel at River Teeth Nonfiction Conference in May 2014, “Going Long: The Challenges and Opportunities of Moving from the Essay to the Memoir” with myself, Jill Christman, and Steve Harvey.

Here’s me reading from Opa Nobody with poet Robert Wrigley during the River Styx reading series in 2013 (a serious honor. Thank you, Adrian Matejka and Richard Newman!)

Other Interviews

An interview with Purple Cow (all-volunteer student radio at University of Georgia in Athens, GA) on Jan. 31, 2010. Radio Interview on Rachael Hanel’s “Weekly Reader” (KMSU-Mankato, MN), April 3, 2008

Other AudioTrauma, Truth, and Trash: Public Critical Response to Memoir,” panel chaired and paper presented with Sue William Silverman, Mindy Lewis, and Karen Salyer McElmurray at Nov. 1-3, 2007 Bedell NonfictioNow Conference, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. (Link connects to audio recordings of panels)

Audio files of panels from the 2005 Nonfiction Now conference, including a panel on “Speaking the Truth for the Living and the Dead” with Sonya Huber, Lee Martin, Jeff Gundy and Mary Winstead.


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