Essayists to Support

Hi friends, I put out a call to essayists and CNF folks who don’t have the privilege of a salaried position in their family and need our support during the COVID-19 crisis. Let’s make sure to support our community.


Sara Amis, Patreon for “pagany” writing

Alicia DeLory Barksdale, Gold Anchor Pubs Consulting

Andi Buchanan, book, The Beginning of Everything and freelance work

Mathina Calliope, Writer, editor, teacher, coach

Lizzie Finn, Writing at Medium (and gets paid per “claps” on essays so clap away!)

Anna Hamilton Ko-Fi 

Jane Eaton Hamilton Medical Fundraiser and sales of fine art

Robin Harwick, Writing at Medium (and gets paid per “clap” on essays so clap away!)

Kate Hopper: Editing, Writing Classes, Coaching

Kate E Lore, Patreon

Jennifer Lunden GoFundMe, “Help Me Recover

Vanessa Mártir, Workshops & Classes on “Writing our Lives

Ellen Birkett Morris, Writing, Editing & PR, and first book, Lost Girls (forthcoming)

Randon Billings Noble, book, Be With Me Always and chapbook, Devotional

Amy Oestreicher, book, My Beautiful Detour

Lisa Romeo, Writing consulting

Alysia Li Ying Sawchin, book, A Fish Growing Lungs: Essays

Benjamin Vogt, Online Gardening Classes and 10-part Memoir Class


Random other pages for COVID stuff:

May First Movement technologies: free conference calls, etc.

COVID resources for freelancers

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