Quell for Pain Management

I learned about the Quell device earlier this week through social media. It isn't cheap at $250 but after I dove deeply into the online user comments, I decided I had to buy it. Why? Well, as you may have reason to know or not, when you're in pain, you want to fix that pain. … Continue reading Quell for Pain Management

Autoimmune Parenting

A fever, lying on the couch under the green blanket, feeling sorry for myself but more than that sorry for my kid, for his life that in this feverish insane moment looks like neglect. He just got home from school and he's playing video games and he just had an argument with the neighborhood kid … Continue reading Autoimmune Parenting

My Fictional Selves

My fictional selves are like Charlie's Angels or intergalactic ninjas. They get so much done while wearing silver lamé bodysuits. Actually, there's no version of me that looks right in that kind of an outfit, but I make up these women--and then they irritate me. I'm so not a superhero. A few days ago I … Continue reading My Fictional Selves

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