A Memoirist’s Manifesto

These are scary times--if extreme right-wing semi-fascist rhetoric scares you. It scares me, so I've found myself huddling, a little depressed, a little beaten down. I'm not talking about your religion or your political orientation. I'm talking about the extremes that many of my Christian and Republican friends are appalled by. The language of hate … Continue reading A Memoirist’s Manifesto

Baking Cakes: A Female Memoirist’s Question-esto

You are a female memoirist. You sometimes feel like an unreliable narrator of your own story. You are part of a vast machine of culinary production, and you feel strangely removed from the formulaic confection you have helped make. The problem is the series of cake pans you have been given, the containers into which … Continue reading Baking Cakes: A Female Memoirist’s Question-esto

Activist Memoir: Oil and Honey

I wrote an essay recently, "The Final Bakesale," in As It Ought To Be, about the challenge of conveying climate change as a narrative that grabs people emotionally. Bill McKibben's memoir, Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist, is a fantastic braided story that addresses this very issue, weaving back and forth between … Continue reading Activist Memoir: Oil and Honey