Health “Benefits” and Violence

A long looonnng long time ago in a galaxy far far faaaar away, I was elected to serve on a committee at a workplace that discussed employee compensation and benefits. I deferred for a year because I didn't think my health could withstand it. Then I said to myself, Ok, everyone should put in their time, so … Continue reading Health “Benefits” and Violence

Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir

Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir. Class in America Series, University of Nebraska Press. 2010 ISBN: 978-0-8032-2623-4; 208 pp Hardcover: $22.95 Kindle (from Amazon): $13 Buy from IndieBound: Buy from Amazon: Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir Finalist for the 2010 Grub Street National Book Prize in Nonfiction “Wise, irreverent, honest, and utterly compelling. . . . Sonya … Continue reading Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir

Review of “Hot Cripple”

From Feb. 2012: I saw a review in Elle (yes I read it for the articles and also for the pictures of purses I can't afford) for a memoir entitled Hot Cripple. The blurb got my attention, because the family of memoirs advocating for a wider healthcare safety net is very small, and I want … Continue reading Review of “Hot Cripple”