Virginia Woolf

From Virginia Woolf's "Moments of Being" (and thanks to Marilyn Bousquin for delving into this book and reminding me of its beauty): “And so I go on to suppose that the shock-receiving capacity is what makes me a writer. I hazard the explanation that a shock is at once in my case followed by the … Continue reading Virginia Woolf

Tom Larson on Memoir

These are a few selections from a wonderful new book from Ohio University Press, Thomas Larson's The Memoir and the Memoirist: "Only by lingering on something outside the self, with which he has had intimate experience, can the author disclose himself. Memoir is a relational form." (22) "[T]he subject of a memoir is often the … Continue reading Tom Larson on Memoir

Creativity and Death from Ruth Ozeki

"I think there's a powerful link between creativity and death. We make things because we lose things: memories, people we love, and ultimately our very selves. Our acts of creation are ways of grappling with death: we imagine it, struggle to make sense of it, forestall or defeat it. When I sat down to write … Continue reading Creativity and Death from Ruth Ozeki

Floyd Skloot

Floyd Skloot, author of many books of poetry, four novels, and excellent works of nonfiction including the new "The Wink of the Zenith" and "In the Shadow of Memory" (from University of Nebraska Press), gave a moving craft talk at Ashland University in 2008. This is the only talk on the craft of writing that's … Continue reading Floyd Skloot

Quotes on Writing

Vivian Gornick, The Situation and the Story: "I began to read the greats in essay writing--and it wasn't their confessing voices I was responding to, it was their truth-speaking personae. By which I mean that organic wholeness of being in a narrator that the reader experiences as reliable; the one we can trust will take … Continue reading Quotes on Writing

Dagoberto Gilb on Writing Essays

On writing essays: "I assure you, every one of them has given me such pleasure and satisfaction, the same kind I had when I used to cut wood with my skilsaw and drive nails and build.... Each word is a rock I've placed personally into a wall--five go in and I pick through a pile … Continue reading Dagoberto Gilb on Writing Essays

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