Teaching the Shadow Syllabus

Many teachers wrote to me to tell me that they were going to distribute the text of my blog post, A Shadow Syllabus, to their classes. When I wrote it, I wasn't thinking about sharing it with my own students; it was personal, and I didn't think more than ten people would read it. It was … Continue reading Teaching the Shadow Syllabus

Going Solar

The panels and assorted hardware arrived today, and now they sit in a neat pile in our driveway. Even their existence there on the asphalt makes me happy. Later today we go to our local bank to sign the paperwork on a home improvement loan to help fund this adventure. I didn't even think this … Continue reading Going Solar

Celebrating Liberation Day on February 15

By an accident of court scheduling, my divorce was finalized on February 15, five years ago. The five-year mark feels like a transition from current events to recent history. I’m glad that the divorce happened. It was necessary for a lot of reasons, but I wasn’t the victim in that relationship. I got myself into … Continue reading Celebrating Liberation Day on February 15

The “Free” Workshop as a Substitute for a Reading?

I didn't mean to fill my schedule up like this, but it looks like I'll be reading or teaching at a bunch of places this spring, including four libraries and one conference in Connecticut, a panel on memoir at AWP in Seattle and at a reading for Daniel Nester's Incredible Sestina Anthology, and River Teeth … Continue reading The “Free” Workshop as a Substitute for a Reading?

Letter to an Almost- or Recent-College-Grad

Dear favorite student ever, You don’t know what to do with the rest of your life. I know the place you are at because I have been there too. I’ve been talking recently with other students who are either facing graduation or recently graduated, and like you, they are anxious. They don’t know what the … Continue reading Letter to an Almost- or Recent-College-Grad

Summer Reads

This is not everything I should be reading. I have a huge list of things I want to read next, books I'm eagerly awaiting, and so on, but these are the books I've gotten around to so far this summer that I wanted to recommend. A little of everything... Memoir Sonali Deraniyagala’s The Wave: Spare … Continue reading Summer Reads

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