Boosters for Long-Haul COVID?

Healthcare, it seems, is going to be a life-long topic for my writing and activism. And this past year and a half of our collective COVID-19 nightmare has been no exception. I came down with COVID-19 at the very beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, and then, like many, I found myself trapped on … Continue reading Boosters for Long-Haul COVID?

How Should You Treat a Co-Worker with a Chronic Health Issue?

You might see someone limping with a cane down the halls, and then a few days later they're fine. Or you know a co-worker has lupus and you are not sure what that means for their role in your project. Or you are just empathetic but unsure. I am not an authority on invisible disabilities, … Continue reading How Should You Treat a Co-Worker with a Chronic Health Issue?

Investors, I Have a Serious Awesome Idea

I have a completely serious proposal that could do good for people and make someone some money (….and that might be the most American thing I’ve ever written). Here’s my vision: facilities modeled on health clubs that are specifically targeted to people (including but not limited to the elderly) with chronic pain, mobility, and mental … Continue reading Investors, I Have a Serious Awesome Idea

Alternative Pain Scale

When chronic pain people go to see doctors and specialists, we are often asked to rate our pain on a 1-10 scale. Somehow I always get confused by this instrument, partly because I don’t know what each level means. For that reason, I’d like to propose this alternate 1-20 scale (it was 1-18 but I added … Continue reading Alternative Pain Scale

On Pain as “My Normal”

I'm working on a project about the experience of chronic pain, and I'm aiming for it to be not literary but still thoughtful and mutual-helpy, a kind of daily reader for chronic pain folks. I'll be posting excerpts here occasionally to help demonstrate an interest as I shop a proposal around. The standard world, the … Continue reading On Pain as “My Normal”

Coffees I Have Loved

I have to give up coffee, either temporarily or permanently, I don't know which--it's an autoimmune thing. But really--it's ok. No need to fix it or fix-me-up with Yerba Mate/green tea/herbal supplements. This is a kind of elegy, and I'm just going through old photographs, remembering the hot kisses from the one who pushed … Continue reading Coffees I Have Loved