Lance Armstrong’s lies in memoir protected by First Amendment. Hmmm.

Lance Armstrong was sued this summer by readers who had read his memoirs, It's Not about the Bike (2001) and Every Second Counts (2003) and felt scammed when investigations into Armstrong's doping revealed that the memoirs were untruthful. The $5 million consumer-protection suit "accused Armstrong and publishers Random House and Penguin Group of committing fraud, … Continue reading Lance Armstrong’s lies in memoir protected by First Amendment. Hmmm.

Autoimmune Parenting

A fever, lying on the couch under the green blanket, feeling sorry for myself but more than that sorry for my kid, for his life that in this feverish insane moment looks like neglect. He just got home from school and he's playing video games and he just had an argument with the neighborhood kid … Continue reading Autoimmune Parenting

Opa Nobody

Opa Nobody, University of Nebraska Press, American Lives Series, 2008 ISBN: 0803243626 Hardcover: $24.95; Paperback: $18.95 Buy from IndieBound: Buy from Amazon       “[S]harp human insights on the omnipresent moral complications of living in Nazi Germany make this a worthwhile read. . . . [A] unique, imaginative take on the family memoir.”—Kirkus Reviews “Grounded in … Continue reading Opa Nobody

Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir

Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir. Class in America Series, University of Nebraska Press. 2010 ISBN: 978-0-8032-2623-4; 208 pp Hardcover: $22.95 Kindle (from Amazon): $13 Buy from IndieBound: Buy from Amazon: Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir Finalist for the 2010 Grub Street National Book Prize in Nonfiction “Wise, irreverent, honest, and utterly compelling. . . . Sonya … Continue reading Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir

How Memoir Helps Society

A memoirist's work these days can often involve reading statements about the badness, self-centered, or non-artistic nature of our work. Do you need me to provide links? There are many, but Neil Genzlinger's article, "The Problem with Memoirs," in the New York Times, seems to sum it up. These are different than controversies over the … Continue reading How Memoir Helps Society

Review of “Hot Cripple”

From Feb. 2012: I saw a review in Elle (yes I read it for the articles and also for the pictures of purses I can't afford) for a memoir entitled Hot Cripple. The blurb got my attention, because the family of memoirs advocating for a wider healthcare safety net is very small, and I want … Continue reading Review of “Hot Cripple”

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