Supremely Tiny Acts

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“What is unique about Supremely Tiny Acts is the mental freedom Sonya Huber exhibits. Though organized around a peaceful protest, a few hours of arrest, and the ensuing court date, the pages skitter everywhere, from the naïve activism in college to current events, meantime conflating the personal with the historical and political. It is a day in the life of a teacher/wife/student/daughter/researcher/mother/activist which invites the reader to chase Huber’s mind from subject to digression: mental and physical health issues, a socialist German ancestry, then move on to writing, teaching, mothering, and segue into candid ruminations on white privilege, only to return in the end to the quotidian act of being a mother driving her son to the DMV office for his driver’s license. Rather than obeying the literary perspective laws, it uses an all-over style covering every patch of the composition quilt with equal emphasis. Huber embodies Montaigne’s proverbial ‘runaway horse mind’ as it adopts an unwavering self-split stance as both free thinker and keen observer, acknowledging unapologetically her own unruly yet intriguing mental patterns. Reading Huber’s cerebral meanderings, I felt like a piece of wood drifting across the ocean, surrendered to the waves of sentences that kept bumping me from one idea to another and made me not want to be washed ashore.”

Adriana Páramo, author of Looking for Esperanza and many other books

“It’s hard not to be impressed with the ambition of Sonya Huber’s Supremely Tiny Acts, in which she sets a whole memoir in one day. After all, Huber knows a day can be made to encapsulate almost everything: the minor (the simple joy of half and half, inexplicable Shopbop ads, shoplifting from Urban Outfitters) and the major (looming climate catastrophe, dead friends and family, parenthood, sexual violence, and what we owe to one another—and to ourselves). But still it’s a thrill when Huber pulls it off: we rush with her through her thinking and doing and being on November 19, 2019, and in fact we get to be her in some small part, which is what you get by reading a book, and that’s one more reason we should all be reading more books, and it’s a particularly excellent reason to read a good book that stops time for a day like this one does.” —

Ander Monson, author of I Will Take the Answer and many other books

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Climate Crisis

This book centers around a protest organized by a group called Extinction Rebellion started in the UK and with chapters all over the world. For more information on that group, their accomplishments and strategies, click here. You can also support the work of XR with a donation. A portion of my speaking fees and royalties will be donated to XR.

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