Meditation for Trumpocalypse

I am barely going to be able to meditate, my head is nothing but my Facebook timeline. I am poisoned with caffeine, I am poisoned with caffeine. I lost two earrings and a hat, I got several projects part-way done and nothing really completed, or if they are completed I am not satisfied and my coat … Continue reading Meditation for Trumpocalypse

Dear Ms. Uh-Oh, Am I a Racist?

Dear Ms. Uh-Oh, I am really confused. I voted with my gut, which told me to vote for Donald Trump. Also my husband is really into Trump and I didn't know much about the issues, but he seemed like an outsider's choice and something "different." And now there are so many posts on social media … Continue reading Dear Ms. Uh-Oh, Am I a Racist?

I belong to the culture of labor

I belong to the culture of labor. What does that mean? Well, it's understandable if you don't know there is a labor culture, both in this country and around the world. This culture is not shown on sitcoms, cable networks, or in most movies--or if it is, it is portrayed as a depressing sliver: working-class … Continue reading I belong to the culture of labor

A Memoirist’s Manifesto

These are scary times--if extreme right-wing semi-fascist rhetoric scares you. It scares me, so I've found myself huddling, a little depressed, a little beaten down. I'm not talking about your religion or your political orientation. I'm talking about the extremes that many of my Christian and Republican friends are appalled by. The language of hate … Continue reading A Memoirist’s Manifesto

How to Write a Book in Two Weeks

  On March 28, Okla Elliott asked me if I'd consider writing a short book on Hillary Rodham Clinton for Squint Books, an imprint of Eyewear Publishing in London. I said no, because I had no idea what my angle would be for this project; I hadn't had any burning desire to tackle the topic, … Continue reading How to Write a Book in Two Weeks

Who’s the Boss?

Donald Trump’s latest foray into social media is either dense or designed to infuriate. This morning, an add for the Trump campaign with the slogan “Teach Hillary Who’s Boss” appeared in the Facebook news feeds of women who identify as feminists, who support Hillary Clinton, or who are otherwise identified somehow by the Trump Cheesewhiz Industrial … Continue reading Who’s the Boss?

Health “Benefits” and Violence

A long looonnng long time ago in a galaxy far far faaaar away, I was elected to serve on a committee at a workplace that discussed employee compensation and benefits. I deferred for a year because I didn't think my health could withstand it. Then I said to myself, Ok, everyone should put in their time, so … Continue reading Health “Benefits” and Violence

The Evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Available June 1, 2016 from Squint Books, an imprint of Eyewear Publishing: Order $14.49 Order from Small Press Distribution Download press kit (pdf) ISBN: 9781911335276 (paperback, pocket-sized, 188 pages) Find on Goodreads Who is Hillary Clinton, beyond the right-wing smear campaign and the reputation of her husband? Sonya Huber’s short, accessible book takes a balanced look at … Continue reading The Evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton

My pills

I get it. We have all just lost a guiding artistic light, and it might have something to do with a suspected overdose. Now we want to fix the problem, so "ban opioids" are starting to appear in my social media feeds. We can't bring anyone back, but we can figure out the root of … Continue reading My pills

Workshopping for Story and Narrative

By Shelley Evans, Sonya Huber, and Bill Patrick You’ve got a terrific idea. It would make a great short story or perhaps even a novel. You know it would. Or maybe you’ve just finished that once-in-a-lifetime immersion opportunity, following detectives or migrants or crusading doctors for a year, and you have notes and photos and … Continue reading Workshopping for Story and Narrative

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