Boosters for Long-Haul COVID?

Healthcare, it seems, is going to be a life-long topic for my writing and activism. And this past year and a half of our collective COVID-19 nightmare has been no exception. I came down with COVID-19 at the very beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, and then, like many, I found myself trapped on … Continue reading Boosters for Long-Haul COVID?

Supremely Tiny Acts Events

Hello all! I'm very excited to launch Supremely Tiny Acts: A Memoir of a Day, which arrives in October 2021 from Mad Creek Books at the Ohio State University Press and is now available to pre-order! You can learn more about the book, including stream-of-consciousness writing and inspirations for this book, here. While I will … Continue reading Supremely Tiny Acts Events

Book cover for Supremely Tiny Acts: A Memoir of a Day, lime green background with an arm extended upward holding a megaphone from which emerge petals of a pink lily

Supremely Tiny Acts: A Memoir of a Day

Buy the Book ISBN: 978-0-8142-5804-0, $19.95 PaperbackOhio State University/Mad Creek Books (pre-order, expected release date October 2021) About the Book This is an attempt to write a book-length essay about a single day, from start to finish. Inside the container of the day in which I go to court for a civil disobedience action are … Continue reading Supremely Tiny Acts: A Memoir of a Day

Give Back Community Access in Bridgeport

It's been so long since I've written a blog post, but I'm putting this up to bring awareness to an important issue with ties to history in Bridgeport. On Feb. 27, 2020, I attended an information session hosted by PT Partners, a group of women advocating for themselves who live at the public housing complex … Continue reading Give Back Community Access in Bridgeport

Pretty Amazing: Two Disabled Activist Memoirs

It might seem like a coincidence: two books released in the same season with "pretty" in the title by disability activists. But the reasons are far more than skin deep. Both authors were told how attractive they were, with the implication or outright statement added that this beauty was wasted on a disabled person. Both … Continue reading Pretty Amazing: Two Disabled Activist Memoirs

Against Advice

The United States--and in particular its white Protestant-Work-Ethic subculture--is a fix-it culture. We like shows about remodeling houses and makeovers. We DIY and we read advice books and advice columns. We are helpers, which is great, and we are resourceful. But we also often give advice when love or support is more warranted, and we … Continue reading Against Advice