Supremely Tiny Acts Events

Hello all! I’m very excited to launch Supremely Tiny Acts: A Memoir of a Day, which arrives in October 2021 from Mad Creek Books at the Ohio State University Press and is now available to pre-order!

You can learn more about the book, including stream-of-consciousness writing and inspirations for this book, here.

While I will be doing some readings, I’d like to do most of the promotion of the book through small writing groups, which I’m calling “Day-Ins,” to fit the theme of the book-length essay.

Class Description

In these “Day-Ins,” I’ll read a short bit and then lead people on zoom to write and share about what happened to them that very day, kind of a like an immediate show-and-tell, investigating what the day brings us, what immediate essaying can do, and letting people who attend get to connect a bit. If you have a bookstore, writing group, book group, activist group, or group of friends who’d like to sign up for a free version of something like that, please check out the schedule below. We’ll explore the lively world of stream-of-consciousness writing in both fiction and nonfiction and consider the range of moves available in adding reflection to our work. Even when we don’t have high drama in our lives, watching what Phillip Lopate calls “the mind at work” can generate surprising connections and draw the reader into a closer relationship with the narrator. Using mind-observation and meditation techniques, we will practice ways of catching the mind in its non-linear leaps, following in the footsteps of such writers as Virginia Woolf and James Joyce and learning how we might make our ordinary days into extraordinary. There will be time to share with other participants to see what we all come up with.

If you see a gap and would like to schedule a group, let me know. And I’m also happy to plan out beyond October. Please feel free to email me at shuber (at) 🙂

About the Book

Book cover for Supremely Tiny Acts: A Memoir of a Day, lime green background with an arm extended upward holding a megaphone from which emerge petals of a pink lily
Bright green book cover of Supremely Tiny Acts: A memoir of a day, by Sonya Huber, with lettering across top. At the bottom, an arm in a red sweater holds a megaphone out of which a pink lily protrudes

“On the theory that naming the truths of quotidian experience can counter the dangerous power of lies, she carefully recounts two anxiety-fueled days one fall. On the first, she is arrested as part of a climate protest in Times Square. On the other, she must make it to her court appearance while also finding time to take her son to get his learner’s permit. Paying equal attention to minor details, passing thoughts, and larger political concerns around activism and parenting in the Trump-era United States, Huber asks: How can one simultaneously be a good mother, a good worker, and a good citizen? As she reflects on the meaning of protest and on whiteness and other forms of privilege within political activism, Huber offers a wry, self-aware, and stirring testament to the everyday as a seedbed for meaningful change.”



July 1 @ 1 pm EST: Hippocampus class: Please register in advance here for this free online zoom “Essaying the Day” class with Hippocampus Magazine


  • Aug. 5, 1-2:30 pm: Westport Library virtual event: “Writing the Mundane” (Limited to 20 participants)
  • August 13-15: In-person workshop on “Tending the Fallow” and navigating the space between projects at Hippocamp, organized by Hippocampus Magazine, Lancaster PA
  • Aug. 19: Private Event


  • Sept. 19: Private Event



Get The Book! Info for pre-ordering here

Check out the Playlist I Made for the book!

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