Buy a Mask, Get an Edit!

Healthcare and other workers are in desperate need of N95 masks, which offer the best protection from COVID-19. The fundraiser Masks 4 America has found a source for N95 masks that cost $2 each. A large group of reputable activists has sourced these and is sending them directly to where they are needed most. And now a group of writers are working together to sweeten the deal: if you donate $20, you will get a certificate for a future edit of a 5-page document!

Screenshot 2020-04-01 11.47.48
A cartoon drawing of a woman with dark curly hair and dark skin wearing a medical mask and blue gloves. She’s dressed like captain America, and the rest of the image is a montage of text I screenshot very quickly that says “Thank you! Because of you, we can order 2000 masks tomorrow!”


About Masks 4 America

From the Masks 4 America Website:


Doctors, nurses, and other frontline medical workers across the U.S. and Puerto Rico are being forced to ration N95 masks  or turn to inadequate bandanas, paper, and cloth masks — leaving them vulnerable to infection as they interact with COVID-19 patients. There are already reports of health care workers getting sick and dying as a result of a lack of proper protective gear.


There’s no time to waste. We have found and partnered with an FDA-certified manufacturer selling N95 equivalent masks at only $2/mask — a fraction  of what hospitals and governments have been paying for N95 masks.

Every dollar donated goes directly to mailing masks to health care facilities who request them through, and every person involved (even the broker) is volunteering their time. For only $2, you can provide a safe mask to a frontline health care worker!

Donations are tax-deductible.

Donate, then get your Edit Coupon!

A group of writers has banded together to offer a premium: if you contribute $10 or more through Masks 4 America and let us know about it, we will give you a certificate good for one copy-edit of a document of up to five pages. You can give this certificate away and can use it for a one-time proofread of a document such as a resume, a cover letter, or anything else you’d like!

  1. Donate at least $20 to Masks 4 America 
  2. Screenshot your receipt, or forward your receipt email to
  3. Within 2 weeks you’ll get a certificate with the contact info of the writer who will do your edit.

To get involved, send a screenshot of your receipt to and we’ll send you a certificate along with the contact information of the writer who has agreed to do your proofread.

Thanks so much for donating!

Writers Pledging to Donate Edits

Jen Prairie Jane Sage-Robison, Sarah Einstein, Silas Hansen, Dani Zaccheo, Lesley Heiser, Sejal Shah, Laura Fritz-Link, Jess Silfa, Alena Dillon, Jason Gray, Jen Schomberg, Jennifer Boullette, Dinty W. Moore, Stuart Philips, Sonya Bilocerkowycz, Jason Tucker, Shiv Dutta, Kate Hopper, Suzanne Rolph-McFalls, Eshani Surya, Tom McGeveran, Rachel Bean, Dusty McCullough, Holly Hagman, Allie Coppola, Ann Lardas, Deborah Carr, Holly Hagman, Jeanne DeLarm Neri,

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