Paul Ryan’s Soul, Such As It Is

Paul Ryan Says Free School Lunches Give Kids “An Empty Soul.” (Time Magazine)

Paul Ryan, Expert on Living Without a Soul, Says Free School Lunches Give Kids “An Empty Soul”

Paul Ryan Says Free School Lunches Give Kids “An Empty Soul,” Wins Final Round of Dehumanization of Poor People Challenge and Claims 2016 Gingrich Cup

Free School Lunches Give Paul Ryan a Beat-Down

Kids Receiving Free School Lunches Cook Paul Ryan in a Stir-Fry

Paul Ryan’s Soul Commits Suicide and His Body Continues as a Speaker of House Zombie Feeding on Reagan-Era Ketchup Packets

Paul Ryan’s Soul Leaves Paul Ryan’s Body in Protest, Takes Up Residence in Chest Cavity of Turkey Carcass Mostly Stripped by Maggots

Maggots in Vicinity of Paul Ryan’s Soul Depart Turkey Carcass and Run for Congress

Empty Souls’ Union Rejects Paul Ryan’s Membership Bid Due to Member Outrage

Paul Ryan Says Free School Lunches Give Kids “An Empty Soul,” and then Jesus Runs At Paul Ryan Full Speed and Kicks Him in the Chest, Launching Paul Ryan’s Heart Out of the Back of Paul Ryan’s Soulless Chest Cavity



3 responses to “Paul Ryan’s Soul, Such As It Is”

  1. There’s no question in my mind that people need to have the wherewithal to eat comfortably before they can be expected to have politics or make decisions that are free of the gripe of the hungry gut. While everyone is an individual, and some poor people, even children, may eschew the free lunch because they feel it demeans them, I feel there are a great many more who with just this help up will be able gradually to assume the full dignity they deserve, and will appreciate the fellowship of those who helped them achieve it. It all depends on how it is administered and delivered, from the issuing agency on down to the school lunch worker, who either has a friendly smile for each child or has an angry, resentful attitude or a “poor you” frame of mind. And them’s my thoughts!


  2. As a recipient of free school lunches, I feel fully qualified to say, unabashedly, that those free school lunches give kids one thing: Hot meals. Nutrition to stand up to Language Arts. A full stomach upon which to wrestle with Algebra.
    Yes, I wanted a lunch in a brown paper sack just like the other kids, too. Not because that meant somebody cared for you, but because that peanut-butter sandwich in a brown paper sack meant you weren’t poor. Poor kids eat government meals. So they can do school. Because without that hot meal, I could not have solved the problems of chemistry or slain the dragons of polygons.
    My friend would watch me chew carefully, eschewing his peanut butter sandwich with disdain of the thoughtfully prepared lunch that only the privileged, never-hungry class can muster, noting “you make that food look tasty.”
    Indeed, It was.


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