The Evolution of Hillary Rodham Clinton

Available June 1, 2016 from Squint Books, an imprint of Eyewear Publishing: Order $14.49

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ISBN: 9781911335276 (paperback, pocket-sized, 188 pages)
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Who is Hillary Clinton, beyond the right-wing smear campaign and the reputation of her husband? Sonya Huber’s short, accessible book takes a balanced look at Hillary, delving into the evolution of her image, her detractors and their attacks, and her policy decisions, offering an overview of the forces that have shaped her. From her role as Secretary of State to her commitment to women’s rights, her changing positions and charges of unreliability on issues of trade and the environment, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political agenda has changed over time. Do these changes make her a reptilian “shape-shifter” or just a politician? Will she be responsive to a changing Democratic Party in America, and how will she govern as President of the United States?

Sonya Huber has achieved the near-impossible: she’s managed to contextualize Hillary Clinton’s long political career with precision, clarity, and wit. Examined herein are Hillary’s complicated relationships with her husband, the American public, Wall Street, feminism, Mother Theresa, and even the author herself…you’ll find no better primer on this fascinating, polarizing woman.” –Shannon Drury, author of The Radical Housewife: Redefining Family Values for the 21st Century

“Finally, a book for people who are unsure about how they think about Hillary Clinton. Cutting beyond the partisan attacks from the Right and the Left, Sonya Huber presents a politician who is flawed yet principled, willing to compromise yet also holding on to bedrock principles. In short, Huber has humanized Hillary Clinton in a way no one else has—or is willing to. An essential read for anyone on the Left.” –Robert Greene II, Book Review Editor, Society of U.S. Intellectual Historians

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